Boo Sheldon Adelson!


Matt Kaufman at the blog site wrote an insightful editorial article about Sheldon Adelson’s campaign to Stop Online Gambling: Here is my two-cents on the topic:

Kudos, Matt! I have long had no doubt that Adelson’s primary motive behind his efforts to stop online gambling is to hasten the downfall of Caesars.

I also think his secondary objective is to solidify his position as agenda-setter for the Republican party (who itself has for many years had the ban on online gambling as part of its official platform). This goes hand-in-hand with his multi-million dollar political contributions used to secure his position as US political mogul, not just casino mogul. His potential benefits and clout, both political and financial, of being the puppet-maker for the US Presidency and Congressional agenda are enormous.

In the end, I find it almost humorous but actually scary that it is Chinese money – the profits from the Las Vegas Sands casino operations in Macau – that could buy the US Congress this year and the US presidency in 2016. The fact that Adelson can take a public “moral” stance against online gambling that is in truth motivated by his personal political and financial agendas demonstrates that he likely also has hidden agendas – not just support of Israel and stopping online gambling – for his influence and control of the American political system. That’s not just scary; it’s downright frightening to the bone.

It’s rather amazing that we have gotten to the point in American politics that the purchase of the Presidency and Congressional leadership is this transparent.  Our political system has become so subversive to our American way of life that it leaves one to wonder what future our country has. Our simple wish for the freedom to make our own choice to play online poker has been usurped to advance one powerful man’s agenda. As our freedoms are eroded, our democratic way of life becomes lost to history.

If I were very familiar with the works of Nostradamus, I’m sure that I would find some coded reference to Adelson as the bringer of ruin to our Great Nation. I can only hope that lovers of freedom and democracy can match Adelson blow for blow on a campaign to Stop Sheldon Adelson.

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