On Freedom


Personal Freedom and Poker

Playing the game of poker for real money, whether live or online, is a personal choice. While there can be financial dangers for the underage and compulsive gambler, the percentage of the population at risk is very small compared to the number of players who play responsibly. Those at risk can be properly protected by regulatory oversight (see On Regulation).

There are some who do not care about personal freedom and seek to deny access to real-money gambling, for their own personal or political agenda (see The Adelson Case). I believe the personal choice of the vast majority of players should not be taken away due to the risk to a small minority, especially in light of the oversight and technologies available to minimize those risks.

The Poker Players Alliance is the political voice for poker players. Join them for free or a small donation. But more importantly, participate in their action plans to help protect and advance poker player rights and freedoms. It is up to us to speak out to ensure our freedom is not taken away.