Alert Re: Iovation Inc., Fraud Detection and Player Verification Services for Online Gambling

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Dear Sirs,

It has come to my attention that the company Iovation Inc. (, based in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., is operating as a service provider to online gambling companies in a number of regulated gambling jurisdictions. I would like to alert your jurisdiction to the involvement of Iovation and its founders in the largest cheating scandal in the history of online poker.

Iovation supplies player identification and fraud prevention for online gambling and lottery sites. Their services are sometimes provided as a third-party vendor to CAMS, LLC ( and CAMS parent company Verifi (, as part of their “Intelligence Suite” of “best-of-breed risk solutions” to the online gambling and lottery industries.

The co-founders and current chief executives of Iovation, Greg Pierson (CEO), Jon Karl (VP Corporate Development) and Molly O’Hearn (VP Operations), were also the founders in 2000 of the once-popular online poker site UltimateBet. In 2008, the UltimateBet “superuser” scandal came to light through the investigative work of a number of astute players. Through further investigations, by both the players and eventually the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, it was found that software code for a “superuser” (sometimes called “god-mode”) was added into the UltimateBet software for some company insiders, allowing them to play on the site while seeing all the cards of the other players.

The superuser was used, starting in 2003, to steal tens of millions of dollars from registered players. The hard evidence points to knowledgeable participation of Pierson, Karl and O’Hearn in the UltimateBet scandal, and the siphoning of millions of dollars from the stolen player funds into the development and operation of Iovation (originally ieLogic). Ironically, detection of exactly the sort of cheating which was perpetrated on UltimateBet was part of the design intent of the Iovation fraud detection software.

Following below is a timeline of the cheating scandal as well as a number of Internet web site references and other contacts.

Due to their close involvement in the superuser scandal, I hope that you will ensure that Iovation does not and cannot operate in your jurisdiction, either as a licensed service provider or as a third-party vendor to your licensees.

Participation in an online poker site scandal should not be overlooked in the operation of licensed companies for regulated online gambling. Those who participated should not be afforded any opportunity to benefit from the players who are being protected by the gambling regulations and licensing authorities.


Timeline of the UltimateBet cheating scandal, as recounted by the sources listed at bottom:

1999 Greg Pierson, Jon Karl and Molly O’Hearn found ieLogic (later Iovation), a company providing software and support services for Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming. Early investors include professional poker players Russ Hamilton and Phil Hellmuth, as well as other professional players brought in by Hellmuth.

2000 eWorld Holdings, Inc. (founded by Russ Hamilton and his business partner Mansour Matloubi) is incorporated in Antigua as the owner and operator of online poker brand and domain UltimateBet, with ieLogic as the software creator and services provider.

2001 The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) issues a Client Provider Authorisation (CPA) online gambling license to eWorld Holdings for the operation of UltimateBet.

2002 – ieLogic invents ieSnare, device reputation technology that still powers Iovation’s current fraud detection software and services.

2003 Greg Pierson and Jason Dehaan (Chief Technical Officer at ieLogic) provide the UltimateBet superuser code to Russ Hamilton, officially for the purpose of detecting cheaters. The code allows a user to see all the cards of all the poker players in an active game during play.

2003 to 2008 Hamilton and other insiders use the superuser code to steal tens of millions of dollars from players on UltimateBet. Some of the money is used to sponsor professional poker players associated with UltimateBet and to promote the site, as well as to fund software and business development at ieLogic/Iovation.

2004 ieLogic is dissolved and reformed as two new corporations. Iovation is formed to continue as the UltimateBet development shop and to monetize their fraud detection tools, created for UltimateBet, by offering software and services to other online companies. Excapsa is formed as the new owner of the UltimateBet intellectual property, including the brand and domain, and goes public on the London Stock Exchange. Hamilton receives significant shares in both of the new corporations.

2005 Hamilton founds Ultimate Blackjack Tour, LLC and other companies as an affiliate of and supplier to UltimateBet.

2006 Just ahead of the enactment of the UIGEA in the U.S., Excapsa is sold to Blast Off, Ltd., a company founded by Russ Hamilton and Mansour Matloubi and wholly owned by eWorld Holdings, Inc.

2006 Per later statements by the KGC, ownership of the UltimateBet site, along with sister site AbsolutePoker, passes to Tokwiro Enterprises ENRG. Tokwiro was a shell holding corporation fronted by Joseph Tokwiro Norton, former Grand Chief of the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake (which also operates the KGC) and run by Paul Leggett CEO and COO for Tokwiro. [Currently Leggett is head of online gaming at Amaya Gaming in Canada .] Later events suggest this may be an ownership transfer fabricated retroactively for damage control after the UltimateBet scandal becomes public in 2008.

2008 The cheating on UltimateBet is discovered by users who detect the unusual betting patterns and statistically anomalous winning play of some player accounts.

2008 In secret meetings, Russ Hamilton, Greg Pierson and attorneys Daniel Friedberg and Sanford Millar discuss how to cover up the full extent of the cheating and minimize the amount for which they will be liable.

(From the beginning, Daniel Friedberg had been legal counsel for ieLogic, eWorld Holdings, and Iovation, and later Chief Legal Counsel for Excapsa; as well as personal business attorney for Phil Hellmuth. Sanford Millar was a business partner of and tax attorney for Hamilton, specializing in offshore wealth management. The meeting discussions may be deemed illegal advice for furtherance of criminal activities. Pierson discusses strategies to minimize player reimbursements and engineer repayment from the Excapsa common-shareholder cash pool. They planned for an illicit “loan” from common shareholders to repay cheated players, but were thwarted by the Excapsa delisting liquidator, Mintz Partner, who refused.)

2008 The KGC investigates and publicly finds that the cheating was accomplished by Hamilton from June 2003 to December 2007. The Commission never releases a full list of the culprits nor the full gaming records for review by the players who discovered the cheating. Pierson controlled which records the KGC was allowed to review, aided by Uri Kozai, operational manager of UltimateBet under Tokwiro Enterprises. (Kozai is also founder of the current online gambling and lottery software and services provider Realtime Edge Software, Inc.

2008 Excapsa makes a $15 million payment from common shareholder funds to Tokwiro Enterprises for the repayment of cheated players. To facilitate this, gaming lawyer Morden Lazarus finds a new liquidation firm for Excapsa that cooperates in a legal maneuver that is portrayed as Tokwiro Enterprises bringing a lawsuit against Excapsa. No suit is actually ever filed and no legal defense is ever mounted. Instead, a sum equaling $15 million, the same amount as was originally requested from the first liquidator as a “loan”, was leveraged as a “lawsuit settlement” from the common-shareholder cash pool.

2008 Tokwiro reimburses cheated players, claiming $22 million total in refunds.

2011 Following the indictments of the largest online poker sites and seizures of their financial accounts by the U.S. Department of Justice, UltimateBet (rebranded as and sister site Absolute Poker, now owned by Blanca Games under the name Cereus Poker Network, close their online poker operations. Player account balances of approximately $55 million have not been repaid and the company is reportedly bankrupt, with no explanation as to the whereabouts of player balances. (Blanca Games is currently undergoing liquidation as part of the DOJ proceedings.)

2013 The recordings of the secret meetings as well as e-mails and account records evidencing the cheating and cover-up are made public on the Internet by Travis Makar, former computer technician for Hamilton.

Sources for Additional Information

Information on the direct involvement of Greg Pierson in the UltimateBet cheating scandal:

The audio evidence itself, in raw form (two files: DW_A0018.wav and DW_A0024.wav ), can be downloaded here:

Travis Makar, a former assistant to Russ Hamltion, holds this evidence and many more documents related to the UltimateBet cheating and cover-up. He can be reached at: **************

Background information on the UltimateBet scandal:

Scott Bell is creating a film on the UltimateBet scandal ( and can be a good source of information. He can be reached at **************

I e-mailed this letter in June 2013 to the following gambling authorities and organizations:
Alderney Gambling Control Commission
Austria Ministry of Finance
Belgium Gaming Commission
Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovena Tax Administration
State Commission on Gambling of the Republic of Bulgaria
Croatia Ministry of Finance
Cyprus Ministry of Finance
Czech Republic Ministry of Finance
Danish Ministry of Justice
National Gaming Authority of Denmark
Estonian Tax and Customs Board
Ministry of Finance of Estonia
Finland Ministry of Education and Culture
Finland Ministry of Interior
Finland National Police Board, Gambling Administration
Finnish Greyhound Racing Association
L’ARJEL France
German Bundesministerium des Innern
Government of Gibraltar
Hellenic Republic Ministry of Finance
Gaming Board of Hungary
Iceland Ministry of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs
Ireland Ministry of Finance
Irish Greyhound Board
Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission
Italy Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli
The Jersey Gambling Commission
Latvia Ministry of Finance – Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection
Lithuania Gaming Control Authority
Luxemburg Ministry of Justice
Republic of Macedonia – Ministry of Finance
Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority
Moldova Camera de Licentiere
Monaco Société des Bains de Mer
Montenegro Games of Chance Administration
The Republic of Montenegro Ministry of Finance
Netherlands Gaming Authority
Netherlands Gaming Control Board
The Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority
Poland Ministry of Finance
Portugal Inspectorate General on Gaming
Portugal Inspeccao de Jogos
Portugal Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa
Romania Ministry of Public Finance
Russian Federation Ministry of Sports, Tourism and Youth
Serbia Games of Chance Administration – Ministry of Finance
Finance Ministry of Slovakia
Slovenia Ministry of Finance
Republic of Slovenia Office for Gaming Supervision
Ministry Of Finance – Spain
Spain Ministry of the Interior
Swedish Gambling Authority / Lotteriinspektionen
Swiss Federal Gaming Board
Ministry of Finance of Ukraine
UK Gambling Commission (Great Britain)
British Horseracing Authority
Australian Capital Territory Gambling and Racing Commission
New South Wales Casino Liquor and Gaming Control Authority
New South Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing
Northern Territory Licensing Commission
Thoroughbred Racing Northern Territory
Queensland Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing
Greyhound Racing South Australia Limited
Independent Gambling Authority South Australia
Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner South Australia
Thoroughbred Racing  South Australia
Racing Services Tasmania
Liquor and Gaming Branch,Department of Treasury and Finance, Tasmania
Greyhound Racing Victoria
Harness Racing Victoria
Racing Victoria Limited
Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation
Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor (Western Australia)
Attorney General’s Department (South Australia)
The Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (New South Wales)
Norfolk Island Gaming Authority
Northwest Territory Dept of Justice
Racing Commission of the Northern Territory
Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority New South Wales
Trade promotions and lotteries New South Wales
Cook Islands Statistics Office
New Caledonia Direction des Affaires Economiques
New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs – Gambling
New Zealand Gambling Commission
New Zealand Racing Board
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Lottery Commission
Rota Casino Gaming Commission
Vanuatu Department of Customs and Inland Revenue
Republic of Armenia Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Economy and Finance – Cambodia
Ministry of Interior – Cambodia
General Administration of Sport of China
People’s Republic of China Ministry of Finance
Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau
Israel Sports Betting Board
Tax Committee of Ministry of Finance of Kazakhstan
Lebanon Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Finance Malaysia
Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation Tourism Industry Division
Philippine Racing Commission
Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation
Philippines Charity Sweepstakes Office
Casino Regulatory Authority
Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
Sri Lanka National Lotteries Board
Thailand Ministry of Finance
The Ministry of Finance of Vietnam
Antigua & Barbuda Directorate of Offshore Gaming
Aruba Ministry of Economic Affairs, Social Affairs and Culture
The Gaming Board of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas
Barbados Ministry of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development
Barbados Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs
Government of Bermuda
Grenada National Lottery Authority
Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission of Jamaica
Jamaica Racing Commission
Puerto Rico Administración de la Industria y el Deporte Hipico
Puerto Rico Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions
Saint Kitts & Nevis Ministry of Finance – Department of Inland Revenue
Trinidad and Tobago Betting Levy Board
Trinidad and Tobago Racing Authority
Turks and Caicos Gaming Inspectorate
Virgin Islands Casino Control Commission
Provincial Institute of Lottery and Casino for the Province of Buenos Aires
Province of Catamarca, Argentina
Government of the People of the Province of Chaco, Argentina
Belize Gaming Control Board
Bolivia Autoridad de Fiscalización Control Social del Juego
Brazil Caixa Economica Federal
Columbia Coljuegos EICE
Costa Rica Tourist Board
Junta de Proteccion de San Jose
Guatemala Ministry of Public Finance
Guyana Gaming Authority
Honduran Institute of Tourism
Nicaragua La Junta Directiva de Lotería Nacional
Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism
Panama Junta de Control de Juegos
Paraguay Comisión Nacional de Juegos de Azar
Peru La Dirección General de Juegos de Casino y Máquinas Tragamonedas
Uruguay Direccion General de Casinos
Venezuela Comisión Nacional de Casinos, Salas de Bingo, y Máquinas Traganíqueles
Botswana Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs
Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Revenue
Ghana Revenue Authority
Gaming Commission of Ghana
Autorite Hippique pour les Courses et I’Elevage de Cheavaux a Madagascar
Malawi Gaming Board
Mali Ministry of Finance and Treasury
Mauritius Gambling Regulatory Authority
Mauritius Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
Mozambique Inspecção Geral de Jogos
Namibia The Directorate of Tourism Casino and Gambling Division
Republic of Niger Ministry of Economy and Finance
Senegal Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances
National Gambling Board of South Africa
The National Horseracing Authority
Gaming Board of Tanzania
Societe des Courses Hippiques Tunisia
Uganda Ministry of Public Finance
Zimbabwe Lotteries and Gaming Board
Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission
Alberta Racing Corporation
British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch
Grand River Mohawk Lands Six Nations Gaming Commission
Manitoba Gaming Control Commission
Manitoba Horse Racing Commission
New Brunswick Atlantic Lottery Corporation
Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission
New Brunswick Lotteries & Gaming Corporation
New Brunswick Department of Safety
Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Government Services
Government of the Northwest Territories Municipal and Community Affairs
Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Division
Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries & Casino Corporation
Nunavut Department of Community and Government Services Consumer Affairs Division
Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission
Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation
Ontario Racing Commission
Ontario Ministry of Finance
Prince Edward Island Lotteries Commission
Quebec Régie des Alcools, des Courses et des Jeux
Société des Bingos du Québec
Société des Casinos du Québec
Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority
Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority
Yukon Office of the Registrar of Lotteries
Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency
Kahnawake Gaming Commission
NFC Global
Gaming Associates
iTech Labs
NMi Metrology and Gaming Ltd.
International Federation Of Horse Racing Authorities
Australian Racing Board
Direktorium Für Galopprennsport & Vollblutzucht In Österreich
Direktorium Für Vollblutzucht Und Rennen
Bahrain Rashid Equestrian And Horseracing Club
Jockey Club Royal De Belgique
Jockey Club Brasileiro
Jockey Club De Sao Paulo
Bulgarian National Horse Racing Association
Jockey Club Of Canada
Club Hipico De Santiago
Cyprus Turf Club
Korea Racing Authority
Croatia Gallop Association
Danish Jockey Club
Emirates Racing Authority
Sociedad De Fomento De La Cria Caballar De Espana (Sfcce)
National Thoroughbred Racing Association (Ntra)
The Jockey Club
France Galop
Jockey Club Of Greece
The Hong Kong Jockey Club
Kincsem Nemzeti Kft
Bangalore Turf Club Limited
Hyderabad Race Club
Madras Race Club
Royal Calcutta Turf Club
Royal Western India Turf Club
Horse Racing Ireland
The Turf Club
Unire – Assi
Japan Racing Association
The National Association Of Racing
Sparca (Société Pour La Protection Et L’amélioration De La Race Chevaline Arabe Au Liban)
Macau Jockey Club
Malaysia Turf Clubs
Société Royale D’encouragement Du Cheval
Mauritius Turf Club
Jockey Club Mexicano
Norsk Jockeyklub
New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Inc.
Royal Horse Racing Club
Jockey Club Of Pakistan
Hipica De Panama S.A.
N.D.R. ( Stichting Nederlandse Draf- En Rensport)
Jockey Club Del Peru
Polski Klub Wyscigow Konnych
Racing And Equestrian Club
Jockey Club Ceske Republiky
Konjicki Savez Srbije (Horsemanship Federation Of Serbia)
Singapore Turf Club
Turf Direktorium Für Die Slowakei
Slovenian Turf
The Swedish Jockey Club (Svensk Galopp Ab)
Association D’encouragement Pour L’amelioration Des Races De Chevaux Au Tchad
The Royal Bangkok Sports Club
Société Des Courses De Tunis
Jockey Club Of Turkey
Hru S. A.
Sunahip (Superintendencia Nacional De Actividades Hipicas)
Association Of Racing Commissioners International
Organización Sudamericana De Fomento Del Sangre Pura De Carrera
Asian Racing Federation
European & Mediterranean Horseracing Federation
Equestrian Federation Of Azerbaijan Republic
Israel National Association Of Horse Racing
Jockey Club Of Kazakhstan
Lithuanian National Horse Racing Club
Ahcel (Autorité Hippique Pour Les Courses Et L’elevage De Chevaux À Madagascar)
Ukraine Jockey Club
China Stud Book
Suomen Hippos
Jamaica Racing Commission
Stud Book Dominicano
Trinidad & Tobago Racing Authority
Barbados Turf Club
Jockey Club Of Great Britain
Saudi Arabia The Equestrian Club
Hellenic Horse Racing Organization
Kra – Korea Racing Association
Racing Commissioners International
Organization Of Racing Investigators
National Greyhound Association
American Greyhound Track Operators Association
Belarus National Sports Lotteries
Gibraltar Government Lottery Committee
Channel Islands lottery
National Lottery Commission (Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
Swiss Lottery and Betting Board
New Zealand Lotteries Commission
Korean Lottery Association
Turkey Milli Piyango (Lottery)
Dominica National Lotteries Commission
The National Lotteries Authority
Lotería Nacional de Beneficencia de El Salvador
Uruguay Dirección Nacional de Loterías y Quinielas
South Africa National Lotteries Board
British Columbia Lottery Corporation
Société des loteries video du Québec
Yukon Lottery Commission
Kenya Charity Sweepstake Ltd.
Government Lotteries Committee Mauritius
Congolaise De Gestion De Loterie S.A. (Cogelo)
La Marocaine Des Jeux Et Des Sports
South Africa National Lottery
Loterie Nationale Du Bénin
Loterie Nationale Du Niger
Loterie Nationale Togolaise
China Welfare Lottery Issuing Centre
China Sports Lottery
China Lotsynergy Holdings Limited
Hkjc Lotteries Limited
Japan Lottery Association
Sports Toto Co., Ltd
Seoul Olympic Sports Promotion Foundation
Taiwan Lottery Company
Japan Lottery Systems Inc.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. Lottery Division
Korea Union Lottery Co Ltd
Nanum Lotto Co., Ltd
Future Gaming Solutions India Private Limited
Summit Online Trade Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Playwin Infravest Pvt. Ltd.
Sugal & Damani Lottery Agency (P) Ltd.
National Lottery Board Of Kazakhstan
Magnum Corporation Sdn Bhd
Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd
Olympia Industries Berhad
Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office
Philippine Amusement And Gaming Corp.
Singapore Pools (Private) Ltd.
Thailand Government Lottery Office
Lottery Of Azerbaijan)
Cyprus Government Lottery
Israel Sports Betting Board
Libanaise Des Jeux Sal
Asia Pacific Lottery Association
Staatliche Toto-Lotto Gmbh
Toto-Lotto Niedersachsen Gmbh
European State Lotteries And Toto Association
Österreichische Lotterien
Azerinteltek Cjsc
Amministrazione Autonoma Monopoli Di Stato
Multi-State Lottery Association
World Lottery Association
Bulgarian Sports Totalizator
Eurofootball Ltd
Sazka A.S.
Tipsport A.S.
Fortuna Entertainment Group
National Lottery Of Hungary
Olifeja, Inc. Lithuania
Polish State Lottery
Romanian National Lottery
Joint Stock Company, Russian Lotteries
Interlot, Private Joint-Stock Company
National Lottery Of Slovakia
Loterija Slovenije
Sportna Loterija
Danske Spil A/S
Det Danske Klasselotteri A/S
As Eesti Loto
Oy Veikkaus Ab
Finland Raha-Automaattiyhdistys Gaming
University Of Iceland Lottery
Icelandic Lottery
An Post National Lottery Company
Rehab Lotteries Ltd
Latvijas Loto Company
Norwegian State Lottery
Ab Svenska Spel
Hrvatska Lutrija D.O.O.
Hellenic State Lotteries
Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano
Lottomatica S.P.A.
Sisal Sport Italia S.P.A.
Sindacato Nazionale Agenzie Ippiche
Maltco Lotteries Limited
Lotarija Na Makedonija
Loto Catalunya
Sociedad Estatal Loterías Y Apuestas Del Estado
Organización Nacional De Ciegos Españoles
Loterie Nationale De Belgique
Association Of Charity Lotteries In The European Union
La Française Des Jeux
Staatliche Toto-Lotto Gmbh
Staatliche Lotterieverwaltung Bayerischer Fussball-Toto
Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin
Land Brandenburg Lotto Gmbh
Bremer Toto Und Lotto Gmbh
Nordwest Lotto Und Toto Hamburg
Nkl Nordwestdeutsche Klassenlotterie
Tipp24 Ag
Toto-Lotto Niedersachsen Gmbh
Westdeutsche Lotterie Gmbh & Co.
Lotto Rheinland-Pfalz Gmbh
Sächsische Lotto-Gmbh
Lotterie-Treuhandgesellschaft Mbh Thüringen
Loterie Nationale Du Grand Duché, Luxembourg
Dutch National Lottery
Société De La Loterie De La Suisse Romande
Swisslos Interkantonale Landeslotterie
Uk Health Lottery
U.K. National Lottery
Charities Lottery (Monday)
Ladbrokes Limited
Asociación De Loterías, Quinielas Y Casinos Estatales
Lotería Nacional Sociedad Del Estado
Bolivia Lotería Nacional De Beneficencia Y Salubridad
Brazil Caixa Economica Federal
Chile Lotería De Concepción
Federación De Loterías De Colombia
Colombia Lotería De Bogotá
Dominican Republic National Lottery
Ecuador Junta De Beneficencia De Guayaquil
Jamaica Lottery Company Limited
Jamaica Supreme Ventures Ltd
Mexico National Lottery
Lotería Nacional De Nicaragua
Banca De Cubierta Colectiva De Quinielas De Montevideo
New South Wales Lotteries
Queensland Golden Casket Lottery Corporation
Lotteries Commission Of South Australia
Tatts Group Limited
Lotteries Commission Of Western Australia
Nz Lotteries
Tattersall’s Sweeps Pty Ltd
French Polynesia Pacifique Des Jeux
Agtech Holdings Limited
Aristocrat Leisure Limited
Dentsu Inc.
Industrial Technology Centre
Intralot S.A
Japan Lottery Research Center Inc.
Jumbo Interactive Limited
Kyodo Printing Co. Ltd.
Loxley Gtech Technology Company Limited
Moore Stephens
Nec Corporation
Pollard Banknote Limited
Rich Communications Co. Ltd
Scientific Games International, Inc.
Taipei Fubon Bank
Toppan Printing Co. Ltd.
Belarus Cjsc Sport-Pari
Lottery Of Bosnia And Herzegovina
Lottery Of The Republic Of Srpska
National Lottery Of Macedonia
Gkl Gemeinsame Klassenlotterie Der Länder
Lotterie-Treuhand- Gesellschaft Mbh Hessen
Lotto-Toto Gmbh Sachsen-Anhalt
Nordwestlotto Schleswig-Holstein Gmbh & Co. Kg
Saarland-Sporttoto Gmbh
Verwaltungs- Gesellschaft Lotto Und Toto In Mecklenburg- Vorpommern Mbh
Westdeutsche Lotterie Gmbh & Co. Ohg
Greece Opap S.A.
Mifal Hapais Israel National Lottery
Toto (The Israel Sports Betting Board)
Lotaria E Kosovës
Maltco Lotteries Limited
I.M. Loteria Moldovei S.A.
Netherlands De Lotto
Totolotek Sa
Ooo Ural Loto
State Lottery Of Serbia D.O.O.
Slovenia Športna Loterija D.D.
Société De La Loterie De La Suisse Romande
Ukraine Msl
Ukrainian National Lottery
Western Canada Lottery Corporation
Ontario Lottery And Gaming Corporation
Arizona Lottery
Arkansas Scholarship Lottery
California Lottery
Colorado Lottery
Connecticut Lottery Corporation
D.C. Lottery & Charitable Games Control Board
Delaware State Lottery
Florida Lottery
Georgia Lottery Corporation
Hoosier (Indiana) Lottery
Idaho Lottery
Illinois Lottery
Iowa Lottery
Kansas Lottery
Kentucky Lottery
Louisiana Lottery Corporation
Maine State Lottery
Maryland Lottery And Gaming Control Agency
Massachusetts State Lottery
Michigan Bureau Of State Lottery
Minnesota State Lottery
Missouri Lottery
Montana Lottery
Nebraska Lottery
New Hampshire Lottery Commission
New Jersey Lottery
New Mexico Lottery
New York State Gaming Commission
North Carolina Education Lottery
North Dakota Lottery
Oklahoma Lottery
Oregon Lottery
Pennsylvania Lottery
Rhode Island Lottery
South Carolina Education Lottery Commission
South Dakota Lottery
Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation
Texas Lottery Commission
Ohio Lottery
Vermont Lottery
Virgin Islands Lottery
Virginia Lottery
West Virginia Lottery
Wisconsin Lottery
NeoGames International
OpenBet Technologies Ltd
Delehanty Consulting
Diamond Game
 Gaming Laboratories International
Public Gaming Research Institute
Paddy Power plc
Hudson Alley Software
BMM Compliance International
Alabama Birmingham Racing Commission
Alaska Department of Revenue
Arizona Department of Racing
Arizona Department of Revenue
Arizona Racing Commission
Arkansas Racing Commission
California Department of Justice Bureau of Gambling Control
California Gambling Control Commission
California Horse Racing Board
Colorado Division of Gaming
Colorado Division of Racing Events
Colorado Secretary of State Licensing Division
Connecticut Division of Special Revenue
Delaware Gaming Control Board
Delaware Harness Racing Commission
Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission
Florida Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering
Georgia Bureau of Investigation
Idaho State Racing Commission
Illinois Department of Revenue
Illinois Gaming Board
Illinois Racing Board
Indiana Gaming Commission
Indiana Horse Racing Commission
Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals
Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission
Kansas Department of Revenue
Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission
Kansas State Gaming Agency
Kentucky Horse Racing Commission
Kentucky Office of Charitable Gaming
Louisiana Attorney General’s Office – Gaming Division
Louisiana Gaming Control Board
Louisiana Office of Charitable Gaming
Louisiana State Police Gaming Enforcement Section
Louisiana State Racing Commission
Maine Gambling Control Board
Maine Harness Racing Commission
Maine State Police Non-Profit Gaming Licenses Unit
Maryland Office of the Secretary of State Charitable Organizations Division
Maryland Racing Commission
Massachusetts Gaming Commission
Massachusetts State Racing Commission
Michigan Gaming Control Board
Minnesota Gaming Control Board
Minnesota Racing Commission
Mississippi Gaming Commission
Missouri Gaming Commission
Montana Board of Horse Racing
Montana Department of Justice Gambling Control Division
Nebraska State Racing Commission
Nevada Gaming Control Board
NH Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission
New Jersey DGE
New Jersey CCC
New Jersey Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission
New Jersey Racing Commission
New Mexico Gaming Control Board
New Mexico Racing Commission
New York Racing and Wagering Board
American Gaming Association
North Dakota Racing Commission
North Dakota State Gaming Commission
Ohio Casino Control Commission
Ohio State Racing Commission
Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission
Oklahoma Horse Racing Commission
Oregon Racing Commission
Oregon State Department of Justice
Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
Pennsylvania State Harness Racing Commission
Pennsylvania State Horse Racing Commission
Rhode Island Division of Commercial Licensing & Racing & Athletics
Rhode Island State Police Charitable Gaming Unit
South Carolina Department of Revenue
South Dakota Commission on Gaming
Tennessee Department of State: Division of Charitable Solicitations and Gaming
Texas Racing Commission
Office of the Attorney General, Vermont
Virginia Department of Charitable Gaming
Virginia Racing Commission
Washington Horse Racing Commission
Washington State Gambling Commission
West Virginia Charitable Organizations Division
West Virginia Racing Commission
Wisconsin Division of Gaming
Wyoming Pari-mutuel Commission
Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers
British Amusement Catering Trade Association
European Gaming Regulators Forum
Gaming Standards Association
International Association of Gaming Attorneys
National Indian Gaming Association
International Association of Gaming Regulators
National Tribal Gaming Commissioners/Regulators Organization
North American Gaming Regulators Association
North American Association Of State And Provincial Lotteries
National Gambling Impact Study Commission
Remote Gambling Association
Association of British Bookmakers
Bingo Association
National Casino Industry Forum
Casino Operators Association
Lotteries Council
Business in Sport and Leisure
Alabama Poarch Creek Indian Gaming Commission
AK Klawock Cooperative Association
AK Metlakatla Indian Community
Metlakatla Bingo Hall
Poarch Band of Creek Indians of Alabama
Creek Casino Montgomery
Creek Casino Wetumpka
Wind Creek Casino
Ak-Chin Indian Communityof the Maricopa (Ak-Chin) Indian Reservation, Arizona
Cocopah Tribe of Arizona
Cocopah Gaming Commission
Colorado River Indian Tribes of the Colorado River Indian Reservation, AZ and CA
Blue Water Casino
Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation of Arizona
Fort McDowell Gaming Center
Gila River Indian Community of the Gila River Indian Reservation, Arizona
Gila River Gaming Commission
AZ Navajo Nation
Flowing Waters Navajo Casino
Northern Edge Navajo Casino
Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona
Casino Del Sol
Quechan Tribe of the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation, CA and AZ
AZ Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community
Casino Arizona – McKellips
AZ San Carlos Apache Tribe of the San Carlos Reservation
Tohono O’odham Nation of Arizona
Desert Diamond Casino
Tonto Apache Tribe of Arizona
Tonto Apache Gaming Office
White Mountain Apache Tribe of the Fort Apache Reservation, AZ
Yavapai Apache Nation of the Camp Verde Indian Reservation, AZ
Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe of the Yavapai Reservation, AZ
CA Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians
Agua Caliente Casino
Spa Resort Casino
Alturas Indian Rancheria, California
Desert Rose Casino
CA Augustine Band of Cahuilla Mission Indians
CA Barona Group of Capitan Grande Band of Mission Indians
Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino
CA Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria
Bear River Casinos
Berry Creek Rancheria of Maidu Indians of California
Gold Country Casino
CA Big Sandy Band of Western Mono Indians
Mono Wind Casino
CA Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians
Konocti Vista Casino Resort & Marina
CA Bishop Paiute Tribe
Paiute Palace
CA Blue Lake Rancheria
Blue Lake Casino
CA Cabazon Band of Mission Indians
Fantasy Springs Resort Casino
CA Cachil Dehe Band of Wintun Indians of the Colusa Indian Community
Colusa Casino Resort
CA Cahto Indian Tribe of the Laytonville Rancheria
CA Cahuilla Band of Mission Indians of the Cahuilla Reservation
Cahuilla Creek Casino
CA Campo Band of Diegueno Mission of the Campo Indian Reservation
Golden Acorn Casino
CA Chemehuevi Indian Tribe of the Chemehuevi Reservation
Havasu Landing Resort & Casino
CA Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria
Cher-Ae-Heights Casino
Chicken Ranch Rancheria of Me-wuk Indians of California
Chicken Ranch Casino & Bingo
CA Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians
Coyote Valley ShodaKai Casino
CA Dry Creek Rancheria of Pomo Indians
River Rock Casino
CA Elk Valley Rancheria
Elk Valley Casino
CA Fort Independence Indian Community of Paiute Indians of the Fort Independence Reservatio
CA Fort Mojave Indian Tribe
CA Habematolel Pomo of Upper Lake
Running Creek Casino
CA Hoopa Valley Tribe
Lucky Bear Casino
CA Hopland Band of Pomo Indians
Sho-ka-wah Casino
CA Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel
Santa Ysabel Resort and Casino
CA Jackson Rancheria of Me-Wuk Indians
Jackson Rancheria Casino & Hotel
CA Lytton Rancheria of California
Casino San Pablo
CA Manchester Band of Pomo Indians of the Manchester-Point Arena Rancheria
Middletown Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California
Mooretown Rancheria of Maidu Indians of California
Feather Falls Casino
CA Morongo Band of Cahuilla Mission Indians of the Morongo Reservation
CA Pala Band of Luiseno Mission Indians of the Pala Reservation
Pala Casino Resort and Spa
CA  Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians
CA Pauma Band of Luiseno Mission Indians of the Pauma – Yuima Reservation
Casino Pauma
CA Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians of the Pechanga Reservation
Pechanga Resort and Casino
CA Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians
Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino
CA Pit River Tribe
Pit River Casino
Quechan Indian Tribe/CA
Quechan Casino Resort
CA Redding Rancheria
Win-River Casino
CA Rincon Band of Luiseno Mission Indians of the Rincon Reservation
Harrah’s Rincon Casino and Resort
CA Robinson Rancheria of Pomo Indians
Robinson Rancheria Bingo & Casino
CA Round Valley Indian Tribes of the Round Valley Reservation
Hidden Oaks Casino
CA San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians
San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino
San Pasqual Band of Diegueno Mission Indians of California
Valley View Casino
CA Santa Rosa Indian Community of the Santa Rosa Rancheria
Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino
CA Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Mission Indians of the Santa Ynez Reservation
Chumash Casino and Resort Enterprises
CA Sherwood Valley Rancheria
Sherwood Valley Rancheria Casino
CA Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians
Red Hawk Casino
CA Smith River Rancheria
Lucky 7 Casino
CA Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians
Soboba Casino
CA Susanville Indian Rancheria
Diamond Mountain Casino
CA Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation
Sycuan Resort & Casino
CA Table Mountain Rancheria
CA Torres Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians
Red Earth Casino
Tule River Indian Tribe of the Tule River Reservation
Eagle Mountain Casino
CA Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians of the Tuolumne Rancheria
Black Oak Casino
CA Twenty Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians
Spotlight 29 Casino
CA United Auburn Indian Community of the Auburn Rancheria
Thunder Valley Casino
CA Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians
Viejas Casino
CA Yocha DeHe Wintun Nation
CA Yurok Tribe of the Yurok Reservation
Pem-Mey Fuel Mart
CO Southern Ute Indian Tribe
CO Ute Mountain Ute Tribe
Ute Mountain Casino
CT Mashantucket Pequot Tribe of Connecticut
Foxwoods Resort & Casino
Mohegan Indian Tribe of Connecticut
Mohegan Sun Casino
Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida
Miccosukee Resort & Gaming
Seminole Tribe of Florida
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Tampa
Seminole Indian Casino – Big Cypress
Seminole Indian Casino – Brighton
Seminole Indian Casino – Coconut Creek
Seminole Indian Casino – Hollywood
Seminole Indian Casino – Immokalee
Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa
Meskwaki Bingo, Casino, Hotel
Coeur d’Alene Tribe of the Coeur d’Alene Reservation, Idaho
Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort/Hotel
Kootenai Tribe of Idaho
Kootenai River Inn and Casino
Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho
Clearwater River Casino
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes of the Fort Hall Reservation of Idaho
Bannock Peak Casino
Fort Hall Casino
Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska
White Cloud Casino
Kickapoo Tribe of Indians of the Kickapoo Reservation in Kansas
Prairie Band of Potawatomi Nation, Kansas
Prairie Band Casino and Resort
Sac and Fox Nation of Missouri in Kansas & Nebraska
Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana
Cypress Bayou Casino
Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana
Coushatta Casino Resort
LA Jena Band of Choctaw Indians
Tunica-Biloxi Indian Tribe of Louisiana
Paragon Casino & Resort
MI Bay Mills Indian Community
Bay Mills Resort & Casino
Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, Michigan
Leelanau Sands Casino
Turtle Creek Casino
MI Hannahville Indian Community
MI Keweenaw Bay Indian Community
MI Lac Vieux Desert Tribe
MI Little River Band of Ottawa Indians
Little River Casino
MI Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians
Odawa Casino Resort
MI Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Potawatomi Indians
Gun Lake Casino
MI Nottawaseppi Huron Band of Potawatomi
Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians of Michigan and Indiana
Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan
Saganing Eagle’s Landing Casino
Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Michigan
Kewadin Casino Christmas
Kewadin Casino, Hessel
Kewadin Casino, Manistique
Kewadin Casino, St. Ignace
Bois Forte Band of Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, Minnesota
Fond du Lac Band of Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, Minnesota
Grand Portage Band of Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, Minnesota
Leech Lake Band of Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, Minnesota
Lower Sioux Indian Community in the State of Minnesota
Mille Lacs Band of Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, Minnesota
Prairie Island Indian Community in the State of Minnesota
Treasure Island Resort & Casino
MN Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians
Seven Clans Casino
Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community of Minnesota
Little Six Casino
MN Upper Sioux Community
White Earth Band of Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, Minnesota
MO Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma
Bordertown Outpost Casino
Indigo Sky Casino
Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians
Tribal Express Casino
Silver Wolf Casino
Blackfeet Tribe of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation of Montana
Glacier Lil Peaks Casino
Chippewa Cree Indians of the Rocky Boy’s Reservation, Montana
MT Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Reservation
Gray Wolf Peak Casino
Crow Tribe of Montana
Apsaaloke Nights Casino
Fort Belknap Indian Community of the Fort Belknap Reservation, Montana
Fort Belknap Casino
MT Northern Cheyenne Tribe of the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation
Charging Horse Casino & Bingo
Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians of North Carolina
Cherokee Tribal Bingo
Harrah’s Cherokee Casino & Resort
Spirit Lake Tribe, North Dakota
Spirit Lake Casino & Resort
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe of North and South Dakota
Grand River Casino & Resort
Prairie Knights Casino and Resort
ND Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Reservation
ND Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians
Painted Pony Casino
Sky Dancer Hotel & Casino
Omaha Tribe of Nebraska
Blackbird Bend Casino
NE Santee Sioux Nation
Ohiya Casino and Resort
Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska
NM Jicarilla Apache Nation
Wild Horse Casino
Mescalero Apache Tribe of the Mescalero Reservation, NM
Casino Apache Travel Center
Ohkay Owingeh) Pueblo of San Juan, New Mexico
Pueblo of Acoma, New Mexico
Sky City Casino
NM Pueblo of Isleta
Palace West
NM Pueblo of Laguna
NM Pueblo of Pojoaque
Buffalo Thunder
NM Pueblo of San Felipe
NM Pueblo of Sandia
Sandia Resort and Casino
NM Pueblo of Santa Ana
NM Pueblo of Santa Clara
NM Pueblo of Taos
Pueblo of Tesuque, New Mexico
Camel Rock Casino
NV Las Vegas Paiute Tribe
Snow Mountain Smokeshop
NV Moapa Band of Paiutes
Oneida Nation of New York
Turning Stone Casino
Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe, New York
Akwesasne Mohawk Casino
Seneca Nation of New York
Seneca Allegany Casino
Seneca Niagara Casino
Seneca Gaming and Entertainment – Cattaraugus
Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma
Thunderbird Entertainment Center
Apache Tribe of Oklahoma
Golden Eagle Casino
Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma
Hard Rock Casino
Cherokee Casino – Ft. Gibson
Cherokee Casino – Roland
Cherokee Casino – West Siloam Springs
Cherokee Casino Ramona
Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes of Oklahoma
Feather Warrior Casino
Lucky Star Casino – Concho
Lucky Star Casino Clinton
Chickasaw Nation, Oklahoma
Ada Gaming Center
Ada Travel Stop
Artesian Casino
Black Gold Casino – Wilson
Chickasaw Travel Stop – Thackerville Gaming
Chisholm Trail Casino
Davis Trading Post
Gold Mountain Casino – Ardmore
Goldsby Gaming Center
Madill Gaming Center
Newcastle Gaming Center
Riverwind Casino – Goldsby
Texoma Gaming Center
Tishomingo Tobacco Games
Treasure Valley Casino
Winstar at the Inn
Winstar Casino
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
Choctaw Durant Casino and Resort
Choctaw Casino – Atoka Travel Plaza
Choctaw Casino – Grant
Choctaw Casino – Idabel
Choctaw Casino – McAlester
Choctaw Casino – Pocola
Choctaw Casino – Stigler
Choctaw Casino – Stringtown
Choctaw Casino Too – McAlester
Choctaw Travel Plaza – Durant East
Choctaw Travel Plaza – Poteau
Choctaw Travel Plaza – Wilburton
Citizen Potawatomi Nation, Oklahoma
Firelake Entertainment Center
FireLake Grand Casino
Comanche Nation, Oklahoma
Comanche Nation Casino
Comanche Red River Casino
Comanche Spur Casino
Comanche Star Casino
Delaware Nation, Oklahoma
Casino Oklahoma
Gold River Casino
Fort Sill Apache Tribe of Oklahoma
Ft. Sill Apache Casino
Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma
Cimarron Casino
Kaw Nation, Oklahoma
Kaw South Wind Casino
Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma
Kickapoo Casino
Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma
Kiowa Casino Red River
Kiowa Casino Verden
Miami Tribe of Oklahoma
Prairie Moon Casino
Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma
The Stables Casino
Muscogee (Creek) Nation, Oklahoma
Creek Nation Casino – Bristow
Creek Nation Casino – Checotah
Creek Nation Casino – Duck Creek
Creek Nation Casino – Eufaula
Creek Nation Casino – Holdenville
Creek Nation Casino – Muskogee
Creek Nation Casino – Okemah
Creek Nation Travel Plaza – Okmulgee
River Spirit Casino
Osage Tribe, Oklahoma
Osage Million Dollar Elm – Bartlesville
Osage Million Dollar Elm – Hominy
Osage Million Dollar Elm – Pawhuska
Osage Million Dollar Elm – Ponca City
Osage Million Dollar Elm – Sand Springs
Osage Million Dollar Elm – Skiatook
Osage Million Dollar Elm – Tulsa
Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Indians, Oklahoma
7 Clans Paradise Casino
First Council Casino
Lil Bit of Paradise Casino II
Lil’ Bit of Paradise Casino I
Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma
High Winds Casino
Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma
Stonewolf Casino
Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma
Buffalo Run Casino
Ponca Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma
Quapaw Tribe of Indians, Oklahoma
Sac & Fox Nation, Oklahoma
Sac and Fox Casino
Seminole Nation of Oklahoma
Seminole Nation Casino
Seneca-Cayuga Tribe of Oklahoma
Grand Lake Casino
Thlopthlocco Tribal Town, Oklahoma
Golden Pony Casino
Tonkawa Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma
Native Lights Casino
Tonkawa Indian Casino
OK Wichita and Affiliated Tribes
Sugar Creek Casino
Wyandotte Nation, Oklahoma
Lucky Turtle Casino
Wyandotte Nation 7th St. Casino
Confederated Tribes of Coos, Lower Umpqua & Siuslaw Indians of Oregon
Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon
OR Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Reservation
Chinook Winds Casino Resort
Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Reservation, Oregon
Wildhorse Gaming Resort and Casino
Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of OR
Indian Head Casino
Coquille Tribe of Oregon
The Mill Casino
Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Indians of Oregon
Seven Feathers Casino Resort
Klamath Tribes, Oregon
Kla-Mo-Ya Casino
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of the Cheyenne River Reservation, SD
SD Crow Creek Sioux Tribe of the Crow Creek Reservation
Lode Star Casino
SD Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe
Royal River Casino and Hotel
SD Lower Brule Sioux Tribe of the Lower Brule Reservation
Golden Buffalo Casino & Resort
SD Oglala Sioux Tribe of the Pine Ridge Reservation
Prairie Wind Casino
SD Rosebud Sioux Tribe of the Rosebud Indian Reservation
Rosebud Casino
Turtle Creek Crossing Casino
SD Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation
Dakota Connection Casino
Dakota Magic Casino
Dakota Sioux Casino
Yankton Sioux Tribe of South Dakota
Fort Randall Casino
Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas
Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino
Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation, Washington
Yakama Nation Legends Casino
Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation, Washington
Eagles Landing Hotel & Slots
Lucky Eagle Casino
Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation Washington
Coulee Dam Casino
Mill Bay Casino
Okanogan Bingo Casino
WA Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe
Seven Cedars Casino
WA Kalispel Indian Community of the Kalispel Reservation
Northern Quest Casino
Lower Elwha Tribal Community of the Lower Elwha Reservation, Washington
Elwha River Casino
Lummi Tribe of the Lummi Reservation, Washington
Silver Reef Casino
Muckleshoot Indian Tribe of the Muckleshoot Reservation, Washington
Muckleshoot Indian Casino
Muckleshoot Indian Bingo
Nisqually Indian Tribe of the Nisqually Reservation, Washington
Red Wind Casino
Nooksack Indian Tribe of Washington
Nooksack River Casino
Northwood Casino
Port Gamble Indian Community of the Port Gamble Reservation, Washington
The Point Casino
Puyallup Tribe of the Puyallup Reservation, Washington
BJ’s Enterprises, Inc
Emerald Queen Casino – I-5
Quinault Tribe of the Quinault Reservation, Washington
Quinault Beach Resort and Casino
Shoalwater Bay Tribe of the Shoalwater Bay Indian Reservation, Washington
Shoalwater Bay Casino
Skokomish Indian Tribe of the Skokomish Reservation, Washington
Lucky Dog Casino
Snoqualmie Tribe, Washington
Snoqualmie Casino
Spokane Tribe of the Spokane Reservation, Washington
Chewelah Casino
Two Rivers Casino
Squaxin Island Tribe of the Squaxin Island Reservation, Washington
Little Creek Casino Resort
Stillaguamish Tribe of Washington
Angel of the Winds Casino
Suquamish Indian Tribe of the Port Madison Reservation, Washington
Clearwater Casino & Resort
Swinomish Indians of the Swinomish Reservation, Washington
Swinomish Casino & Lodge
Tulalip Tribes of the Tulalip Reservation, Washington
Quil Ceda Creek Night Club & Casino
Tulalip Bingo
Tulalip Resort Casino
Upper Skagit Indian Tribe of Washington
Skagit Valley Casino Resort
WI Bad River Band of Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa Indians
Bad River Lodge & Casino
Forest County Potawatomi Community, Wisconsin
Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin
Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin
Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians
Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin
Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin
Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin
Sokaogon Chippewa Community
St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin
St. Croix Casino
Stockbridge-Munsee Community
WY Northern Arapaho Tribe of the Wind River Indian Reservation
Little Wind Casino
WY Shoshone Tribe of the Wind River Indian Reservation
Shoshone Rose Casino