Code of Conduct


Internet Poker Site Code of Conduct

As an Internet site in the business of offering poker games to players, our site pledges to provide the best player experience possible by conforming to the following code of conduct:

  1. Licensing and Regulation:  We have a license for operation of Internet poker from a recognized licensing authority for the industry, and we abide by the regulations and any arbitration required under this license.
  2. Integrity and Accountability:  We ensure that the systems, algorithms and policies of our site protect the fairness of the game and the privacy of all players.  We commission analysis of the game systems by an independent, qualified person on a regular basis.  We permit inspection and review by the licensing authority.  We maintain and archive clear audit trails for inspection by the licensing authority when requested.
  3. Privacy and Data Protection:  We employ state-of-the-art methods of data protection to ensure the security and privacy of player information and accounts.  We make the privacy policies of the site publicly available and offer an easily accessible method for players to opt out of any or all marketing communications of the site.  We do not share any private player information without permission with any other person or business, unless required by law or the licensing authority.
  4. Advertising Ethics:  We will be truthful in all advertisements and keep all promises made.  We will refrain from including any pornography, profanity or content which encourages sexual or legal misconduct in all advertising, web pages and player software.  We will not use any forms, methods or placements of advertising which are targeted at minors.
  5. Transparency:  We have made all terms and conditions for player accounts and all site rakes and fees publicly available on our web site.  All promotions and events open to our players will be published on our web site, including all of the applicable terms and conditions.
  6. Player Accounts:  We will keep separate all funds belonging to players as held in player account balances, and will not use any of these funds for operation of the site.  We will promptly fulfill all player requests for account cashouts which don’t violate the terms and conditions of the site or a current site promotion, unless the player’s account is currently subject to dispute.  We will reimburse the player’s account should any cashout fail to arrive to the player’s destination.
  7. Player Disputes:  We will respond to all player emails within 24 hours.  We will make every attempt to resolve any player complaints in a timely fashion.  We will submit to any arbitration or dispute resolution procedures of our licensing authority, and comply with their decisions.  We will redress any wrongs due to errors or failures of our system as quickly as possible.  We will promptly refund player accounts for any losses determined to be due to system errors, cheating or fraud, or any other reason determined to be the fault of our site.
  8. Protections for Minors and Responsible Gaming:  We employ appropriate controls to prevent account registration or play of anyone who is a minor.  We employ appropriate controls to identify and curtail problem gaming, including but not limited to, an option for players to opt out of the site, options for players to self-limit their play and referral to help and counseling organizations which offer services in the player’s locale.
  9. Law Compliance:  We comply with the laws of the jurisdiction where our business is located, the applicable laws of the jurisdiction of the licensing authority, and all International Law.