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The Poker Tournament Comparison Calculator

I developed a formula and spreadsheet workbook to compare the relative value of poker tournaments to a player, based on the blinds structures, buy-in amounts, house fees, starting chips and other factors. The Poker Tournament Comparison Calculator is free to download and free to use. Optionally, if you find the PTCC useful to you, then please make a donation below. (Note: Anyone like to make phone apps? Contact me if you are interested in making the PTCC into a phone app, with additional features.)


Poker Tournament Comparison Calculator

The PTCC workbook (xls format), including three sample worksheets*:

  • WSOP 2013 – a sampling of several WSOP tournaments.
  • Derby – all the daily and monthly tournaments from the Derby Lane cardroom, St. Petersburg, Florida.
  • THR WPT – the WPT Regional tournament series at the Tampa Hard Rock poker room.

Poker Tournament Comparison Calculator Tampa

The PTCC workbook (xls format), preloaded with worksheets* for all the Tampa Bay area poker rooms including daily and monthly tournaments, as well as special tournament series.

*Note: As the tournament buy-ins and structures are always in flux at the poker rooms, the sample and pre-loaded worksheets may need to be updated for the latest. Use the worksheet tabs at the bottom of the workbook to navigate among the different pre-loaded worksheets.

Poker Tournament Comparison Calculator Documentation

Documentation for the PTCC (pdf format).

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